Treat Your Law Firm Like a Business

Your Law Firm is a business and all business owners need timely relevant financial information and operational metrics to make decisions and solve problems. Almost all Law Firm’s have hidden issues to solve and opportunities to exploit.

Here are some of the benefits we provide to law firms

that work with Account Consulting:

  • Experience-based consulting on financial, business, and organizational services for your law firm now… and planning for the future.
  • Support in balancing time working on the business with time practicing law so your attorneys can focus on clients, generating revenue, and freeing up time.
  • Expertise in law firm accounting to improve your financial state and assist in income tax and Bar compliance.
  • Launching, building, and growing new firms that require key support services and critical advice based on having helped start over 50 law firms.

We assess the strengths and weaknesses of your financial information and processes, operations, firm structure, staffing, compliance, and overall strategy compared to other similar firms. After reviewing a list of requested documents and a few hours of discussions with owners, we will provide a detailed plan on what we would retain, improve or remove from your firm. Additionally, we will provide an assessment of the firm’s potential and suggest resources to implement the plan.

CFO Lite – We provide the following limited services a recurring monthly basis:

  • Financial Statement explanation
  • Prepare dashboard
  • Perform trend analysis and interpretation
  • Prepare and maintain budget
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Cashflow planning

We provide the following customizable services on a recurring monthly basis:

  • Financial Statement explanation
  • Prepare dashboard
  • Perform trend analysis and interpretation
  • Prepare and maintain budget
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Cashflow planning
  • Business problem solving as needed
  • Other services:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Growth Management
  • Debt Optimization
  • Process Review and Redesign
  • Attorney Compensation Review
  • Coaching and Accountability


Parast Law, Founder, Sheila Parast

“I can say with certainty my firm would not be here without the guidance and services Abacus has provided throughout our three years of working together. I initially thought my needs were short-term and I would eventually be managing everything myself- but the value I receive with their team far outweighs the negligible monthly fee for the services. In fact, sometimes I feel I am getting more than what they surely bargained for as I can be known as a “unique” client with “unique” situations. I am happy to say the entire Abacus team is always happy to help and I never feel they are too busy for me- nor do they make me feel like the problem client I think I am. Their team is thorough, comprehensive, knowledgeable and prompt. I have never been this satisfied with any partnering vendors my firm uses. I appreciate them so much because with their help I can do what’s important to me -which is practice law and not worry about bookkeeping!”

“We began working with Abacus Advisors 3 years ago, and our initial engagement with them was to perform a financial audit and report. Through the reporting and audit performed by Abacus we were better able to determine where and how to focus our financial efforts. We have enhanced our engagement level with Abacus over the years, and our firm has greatly benefited as a result.”

The Cochran Firm, Partner, Shean Williams

Kalka & Baer, Partner, Tony Kalka

“Abacus provides our firm a value-added service that is essential to our success. When I refer an advisor to a colleague, I take a risk that they won’t have the same positive experience. After many years of suggesting to multiple new law firms that they should use Abacus Advisors for their bookkeeping, everyone that took my advice is very satisfied.”

About John...

John Guzowski is a 20+ year veteran in financial consulting that has focused on helping small law firms grow and improve. John truly understands the financial, operations, and marketing challenges unique to small firms and built Abacus Advisors over the past 17 years specifically to provide and teach the importance of financial information in running your firm…your business. Now as Account Consulting, he is able to use his understanding of 100s of law firms to get even more intimately involved in the success of a few select firms.

John Guzowski, CPA

CEO & Lead Consultant at Account CFO




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